Sanchez Sluggo Leech


The Sluggo Leech is a variation on Scott Sanchez’s Sluggo Fly. The bendback hook profile used in this pattern helps avoid hang-ups on weed and other structure, and achieves in a better hookup rate on fish than the traditional mono weed guard. These large flies are meant primarily for targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass; however, they have been successfully used to catch stripers, sunfish, pike, cutthroat and brown trout.

How to fish:

You can fish this pattern at any depth on full floating, through intermediate, to heavy sinking fly-lines. It works well on the drop, fished sink and draw, and also works well twitched slowly over and through weed beds and flats.


The hide strip is coated with a thin layer of marine caulking and sprinkled with extra-fine pearlescent glitter before it dries. The caulking helps prevent the hook from pulling back through the hide.

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