Poly Ball Mayfly

poly-ball mayfly


The Poly Ball Mayfly is a ‘match the hatch’ pattern used to cover the Mayfly, Hex, or Drake emergences. This is primarily a trout and grayling pattern.

How to fish:

Fished using traditional dry fly presentations. This large fly requires an appropriately built leader and a well executed cast to achieve proper turnover.

Tying instructions:

Left-handed sequence | Right-handed sequence
1. Take the silk to the point shown in the picture.
2. Whip an extended body to the shank of the hook. Ensure that it points upwards. If needed, secure with super glue.
3. Whip the wings to the shank with figure of eight wraps.
4. Top tip – Tie these in longer than you expect you will need. Trim them afterwards. If you trim them in the vice, you will cut them too short. Trust me!
5. Select your booby eye ‘stalk’ of foam.
6. Trim to a fine point with asharp pair of scissors. You do this to reduce bulk at the tie in point.
7. Secure the foam post by its ‘point.’
8. Tie in a stiff cock hackle with the concave side of the hackle pointing away from you with the hackle parallel to the shank.
9. Form the hackle ‘para-style’ around the base of the ‘post’, tie in, and finish off with a whip finish, or a few half hitches.
10. Varnish the exposed thread. For best results apply two coats.
11. The translucent effect gives the fly an impression of having an exo-skeleton when viewed by the fish.
12. Trim the ends of the wings to a rounded, natural, shape.
13. Ready to deploy!

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