Elk Hair Caddis


Uses: The Elk Hair Caddis is meant to imitate a fluttering adult caddis, though it will also work as a spent adult. Looking not unlike a stonefly, cricket, even a small hopper and several other insects, this dressing also makes an effective … Continue reading


Estaz Worm


Uses: The ‘worm’ flies were developed to help fly fishers emulate soft worm angling techniques for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass. How to fish: You can fish this pattern at any depth on full floating, through intermediate, to heavy sinking … Continue reading

Larry Dahlberg's Flash Dancer

Flash Dancer


Uses: This now standard streamer was designed by Larry Dahlberg especially for smallmouth bass but will work for several species of fish, including rainbow, brown and other trout, largemouth bass, peacock bass, pike, European perch and several saltwater species including … Continue reading




Uses: The Glo-bug is one of a number of egg-flies designed to imitate fish roe. This pattern is effective in targetting resident river trout, migratory trout and salmon, or any other fish that feed on the stray ova washed away … Continue reading


Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph


Uses: The Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear nymph (GRHE) is used to represents a wide range of aquatic insect larvae. It’s useful on still water and running water for targeting numerous species including amongst others: trout, grayling, panfish, carp, roach and chub. The … Continue reading


Hawthorn Fly


Uses: The Hawthorn Fly is a well known pattern used to imitate the natural fly Bibio marci. However, with the omission of trailing legs used in other patterns this version can be confidently used to imitate the black gnat and other … Continue reading


Holschlag Hackle Fly


Uses: The Holschlag Hackle Fly (HHF) was created for smallmouth bass for which it’s originator has used it with great success since the 1990s. How to fish: The HHF should be hopped along the bottom with a pull and pause … Continue reading




Uses: This is a popular derivation of the woolly bugger. Designed by Scotland’s fly-fishing team member, David Downie, for fishing Loch Leven for trout. Will work for any species that respond to streamer patterns, and known to be effective in … Continue reading


Ice Cream Cone


Uses: The Ice Cream Cone is meant to represent deep lying chironomid pupae. It is primarily a stillwater pattern that is especially effective when the naturals are staging. The pattern sinks quickly to depth where its white bead head, thought … Continue reading


Klinkhamer Special


Uses: The Klinkhåmer Special, or Klinkhammer as it’s often known, or even just Klink, is a very popular fly originating from Western Europe. Tied with a parchute hackle, it is an emerging caddis pattern fished during corresponding hatches. Colour and size variations … Continue reading