Ally’s Shrimp


Ally’s Shrimp is one of the great all round Atlantic Salmon patterns, tied on a variety of hooks it can be used in high and low water at almost any point in the season.


Present using a wet-fly swing on a floating line, sink-tip or full sinker depending on the swim and conditions.


Alastair Gowans designed and first tied this fly in 1981, while tha pattern came to public attention in 1989. Ally says of his flies, “My shrimp patterns have movement due to the use of long collar hackles, gray squirrel hair and freely moving tails of fine bucktail. My interest in the creation of movement developed a long time ago, firstly with longhaired tubes, then with long hair-winged flies and finally with the Ally’s Shrimp patterns.” This is one of the most successful Atlantic Salmon patterns of all time.

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