Silver Hilton (Peacock)


Uses: This is a popular variation on the 1930′s steelhead pattern, the Silver Hilton. This traditional fly still works for steelheaders today. How to fish: You can fish this on a dead drift, or a traditional wetfly swing. It is … Continue reading


Spruce (Light)


Uses: This tying of the pattern is fished for steelhead, though originally the Spruce was developed to catch sea-run cuttthroat. Tied on a standard streamer hook the Spruce is used for other species including rainbow and brown trout. How to … Continue reading


Squirrel and Teal


Uses: A good summer steelhead pattern. How to fish: Works well using the greased line technique, but will also work with a standard wet-fly swing. History: Originated by Harry Lemire in 1969. Variations: If you omit the Jungle cock cheeks, … Continue reading


Stoat’s Tail


Uses: This is a well established pattern for Atlantic salmon and sea trout, tied on a range of hook designs it can be used in a variety of conditions in high and low water. Its understated colour scheme make it … Continue reading

Whitlock's Mouserat

Whitlock’s Mouserat


Uses: In the first instance Dave Whitlock’s Mouserat was developed for largemouth bass. Amongst categories of bass flies this is known as a slider. As well as working for largemouth, Whitlock’s mouse pattern is effective for pike, chub, and several species … Continue reading


Woolly Bugger


Uses: This is one of the most popular streamers in use today. Originally tied to imitate the Dobsonfly larva, the Woolly Bugger in many variations, is used to imitate amongst other things; leeches, baitfish, tadpoles, damselfly larvae, dragonfly larvae, crayfish, and … Continue reading