Sanchez Sluggo Leech


Uses: The Sluggo Leech is a variation on Scott Sanchez’s Sluggo Fly. The bendback hook profile used in this pattern helps avoid hang-ups on weed and other structure, and achieves in a better hookup rate on fish than the traditional … Continue reading


Thunder Fry


Uses: This baitfish pattern will work on river or stillwater for any species feeding on fry. The pattern is especially useful for spooky fish coralling baitfish in shallow water. How to fish: Fish on a floating line with a long … Continue reading

Whitlock's Mouserat

Whitlock’s Mouserat


Uses: In the first instance Dave Whitlock’s Mouserat was developed for largemouth bass. Amongst categories of bass flies this is known as a slider. As well as working for largemouth, Whitlock’s mouse pattern is effective for pike, chub, and several species … Continue reading


Woolly Bugger


Uses: This is one of the most popular streamers in use today. Originally tied to imitate the Dobsonfly larva, the Woolly Bugger in many variations, is used to imitate amongst other things; leeches, baitfish, tadpoles, damselfly larvae, dragonfly larvae, crayfish, and … Continue reading