Nelson's Bunny Ribbit

Bunny Ribbit


Uses: This is a slider pattern used especially for largemouth bass. A slider is sometimes the answer to weary bass that may be spooked by popping bugs, or for fish chasing frogs subsurface. How to fish: Nelson’s Bunny Ribbit is … Continue reading

Clouser Deep Minnow

Clouser Deep Minnow


Uses: Designed by Bob Clouser, the Clouser Deep Minnow (or Clouser Minnow as it is commonly known) is another pattern originally developed for smallmouth bass. In several variations on the example illustrated, the pattern can be used to target a … Continue reading




History: I created the Dexter way back in 1983 as a copy of the Mepps #2 red-and-white spinner. One summer day I was out on Guelph Lake, here in Ontario, fishing for Smallmouth Bass with several spin fishermen. At days … Continue reading


Estaz Worm


Uses: The ‘worm’ flies were developed to help fly fishers emulate soft worm angling techniques for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass. How to fish: You can fish this pattern at any depth on full floating, through intermediate, to heavy sinking … Continue reading

Larry Dahlberg's Flash Dancer

Flash Dancer


Uses: This now standard streamer was designed by Larry Dahlberg especially for smallmouth bass but will work for several species of fish, including rainbow, brown and other trout, largemouth bass, peacock bass, pike, European perch and several saltwater species including … Continue reading


Holschlag Hackle Fly


Uses: The Holschlag Hackle Fly (HHF) was created for smallmouth bass for which it’s originator has used it with great success since the 1990s. How to fish: The HHF should be hopped along the bottom with a pull and pause … Continue reading




Uses: This is a popular derivation of the woolly bugger. Designed by Scotland’s fly-fishing team member, David Downie, for fishing Loch Leven for trout. Will work for any species that respond to streamer patterns, and known to be effective in … Continue reading


Larry’s Dahlberg Diver


Uses: In appropriate sizes, the ‘Dahlberg Divers’ are effective for many saltwater species, including redfish, seatrout, striped bass, and tarpon; and fresh water species, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, muskie, European chub, African tigerfish, and South American brown trout. How … Continue reading


Muddled Perch


Uses: This pattern was tied to fish for brown and rainbow trout in UK still waters, where over the last decade I’ve fished it with consistent success when targeting, funnily enough, trout feeding on young perch. Though this pattern may … Continue reading




Origins I developed the Plonker in 1985 as a drowned mouse pattern for Northern Pike, large Brown Trout, and Smallmouth Bass. I tied it on a #4 Mustad 3366, so I could go after these fish using the same 5-weight … Continue reading