Larry’s Dahlberg Diver


Uses: In appropriate sizes, the ‘Dahlberg Divers’ are effective for many saltwater species, including redfish, seatrout, striped bass, and tarpon; and fresh water species, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, muskie, European chub, African tigerfish, and South American brown trout. How … Continue reading


Muddled Perch


Uses: This pattern was tied to fish for brown and rainbow trout in UK still waters, where over the last decade I’ve fished it with consistent success when targeting, funnily enough, trout feeding on young perch. Though this pattern may … Continue reading


Muddler Minnow


Uses: This is a long established pattern with a history preceding the famous Woolly Bugger. Designed by Don Gapen, as a sculpin imitation for trout, the Muddler works for any species that respond to streamer patterns, especially in circumstances where fish … Continue reading


Partridge and Orange


Uses: The Partridge & Orange is a well known fly with its roots set firmly in English angling history. It is an impressionistic pattern fished successfully during caddis & stonefly hatches; and amongst other occasions, during spinner falls. The Partridge & … Continue reading




Origins I developed the Plonker in 1985 as a drowned mouse pattern for Northern Pike, large Brown Trout, and Smallmouth Bass. I tied it on a #4 Mustad 3366, so I could go after these fish using the same 5-weight … Continue reading


Sanchez Sluggo Leech


Uses: The Sluggo Leech is a variation on Scott Sanchez’s Sluggo Fly. The bendback hook profile used in this pattern helps avoid hang-ups on weed and other structure, and achieves in a better hookup rate on fish than the traditional … Continue reading


Sizzling Sedge


Uses: The Sizzling Sedge is a waking pattern used to cover the caddis hatches. This is primarily a trout pattern, but will work for sea trout, steelhead, and chub (european). How to fish: Fished using a waking presentation, either up … Continue reading


Spruce (Light)


Uses: This tying of the pattern is fished for steelhead, though originally the Spruce was developed to catch sea-run cuttthroat. Tied on a standard streamer hook the Spruce is used for other species including rainbow and brown trout. How to … Continue reading


Squirrel and Teal


Uses: A good summer steelhead pattern. How to fish: Works well using the greased line technique, but will also work with a standard wet-fly swing. History: Originated by Harry Lemire in 1969. Variations: If you omit the Jungle cock cheeks, … Continue reading


Stoat’s Tail


Uses: This is a well established pattern for Atlantic salmon and sea trout, tied on a range of hook designs it can be used in a variety of conditions in high and low water. Its understated colour scheme make it … Continue reading