Western Adventure


For tips on planning a fishing venture in the American West read on… When most people think of fly fishing the American West, rivers like the Madison, Yellowstone, Colorado, Green and the Big Hole are the first that come to … Continue reading


Chile on the cheap


To a fly fisherman, Chile is the Shangri-La of the trout fishing world. It’s one of those places most of us have on our life list of places to go. Being no different than any other red blooded fly fisher, … Continue reading


Tigers in Africa


One of Africa’s largest rivers, the Zambezi snakes from the highlands of Zambia through Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe before reaching the Indian Ocean through the braided Mozambique Channel. More than 3,500km in length, the river is a lifeline for wildlife and … Continue reading


New Zealand’s Lake Runners


As the first showers send a good flush of fresh water down New Zealand lake feeder streams the resident brown and rainbow trout start their spawning migrations. When many anglers are gearing down for winter this is just the time to seize on a prime opportunity Continue reading


Cutthroat Slam


What do you get when you cross an adventurer, a lover of beautiful places and a fly fisherman? You end up with me, who some have called a Don Quixote of trout fishing. And perhaps they’re right. Of one thing … Continue reading


Wyoming’s North Platte Valley


Mention fly fishing the American west to most people and their first response will likely be the famous floating rivers of Montana and Wyoming like the Yellowstone, the Snake, the Madison or the Henry’s Fork. They also think that Jackson … Continue reading


Nile Perch Lake Nasser


Nile Perch have always held a deep rooted fascination for me, these prehistoric looking fish have been around for eons, portrayed in Egyptian hieroglyphics along with crocodiles and falcons, all highly respected figures in ancient Egyptian life. These well distributed … Continue reading


Jozini Dam


Situated in the North Eastern corner of KwaZulu Natal is the Pongolapoort dam, also know as the Jozini Dam. The surrounding shores with their abundant game and bird species and the lake itself providing excellent tiger fishing, the feel is … Continue reading

Peter McLeod with bonefish

Cuba Vs Seychelles


The world’s two greatest bone fishing areas are oceans apart. With plenty of experience of fishing global saltwater destinations, Peter McLeod flies to Cuba to see how the Caribbean compares. Over the course of six years working for an American fishing consultancy, … Continue reading