About Theo Pike

Theo is a Trustee of the Wandle Trust taking a lead in restoring South London's River Wandle. He's also Senior Vice President of the Wandle Piscators fishing club, and can be contacted via his website at www.blackrussian.cc

Aliens 2: Invasive Species: Signal crayfish

Wandle Restoration Part XVI


Aliens 2 When it comes to identifying and dealing with aquatic invasive non-native species, can there be anyone better equipped than a bunch of motivated, knowledgeable anglers? Well, sometimes, yes. But everyone has to start somewhere, and it never hurts … Continue reading

Aliens 1

Wandle Restoration Part XV


In autumn 2010, fear of aquatic INNS hit Britain’s national headlines when the colourfully-nicknamed ‘Killer Shrimp’ were found in Cardiff Bay, Grafham and Eglwys Nunnyd reservoirs. By spring 2012 they’d spread to the Norfolk Broads Continue reading


Bonefish: A Fishing Odyssey


I think it must have been one of the American authors – John Gierach springs to mind – who once said he never even wanted to try blue-water fishing because he knew too well what the pull of those turbo-charged … Continue reading


Snowbee bug fishing rod review


When it comes to fly rods, conventional wisdom says the longer the better. Quite apart from practical things like power and reach, there’s all that weight of history and tradition going right back to 1496 and the old “loop-rods” in … Continue reading


Wandle Restoration Part XIV


Trout tank trilogy: part 3 24 February Remember that trout habitat chart from the Wild Trout Trust’s “Survival Guide” in my article last September – with recommendations for the structures, depths and speeds of water preferred by trout at different stages of … Continue reading


Wandle Restoration Part XIII


Trout tank trilogy: part 2 21 January The trout eggs started hatching today! There’s an almost-metallic tang in my nostrils as I flip the lid of the aquarium for its morning inspection, with a rim of white foam on the … Continue reading


Wandle Restoration Part XII


Trout tank trilogy: part 1 17 December The tank arrived this afternoon. The door-bell rings, and there’s Gideon with trout tank and beer chiller number 20, the last spares from the “Trout in the Classroom” project this year. After all, … Continue reading

young trout

Wandle Restoration Part XI


Trout and Salmon in the Classroom Apparently, education can be a tricky business at the start of the 21st century. Health and Safety, those three little words we were talking about last month, don’t just mean effort and administration for … Continue reading

Gloves and grapple

Wandle Restoration Part X


Staying Safe Health and Safety. Who’d ever have thought that those three little words – so caring and friendly – could strike such terror into the heart of someone who wants to Get Stuff Done? But at the start of … Continue reading