About Raif Killips

Raif is the editor of Fly Fishers' Republic. He's been fly-fishing and tying for over thirty years now. His home waters are the clear streams of the Peak District National Park, and the reservoirs of the Midlands, UK. He is sometimes known as Krafty or Killipso.

Nelson's Bunny Ribbit

Bunny Ribbit


Uses: This is a slider pattern used especially for largemouth bass. A slider is sometimes the answer to weary bass that may be spooked by popping bugs, or for fish chasing frogs subsurface. How to fish: Nelson’s Bunny Ribbit is … Continue reading




This looks and sounds very interesting. On schedule Luke Speller, research scientist and project manager with BMT Group who developed the fish, said the ‘robofish’ could be seen in ports and harbours of Wales in the near future. OK, so … Continue reading


Sequence Switching


OK, this has nothing to do with Genetics. Or does it? All my life I tied without realising for the most part I did so left-handed while being ambidextrous in some tasks. It was my friend Pete, that finally pointed … Continue reading


Ice Cream Cone


Uses: The Ice Cream Cone is meant to represent deep lying chironomid pupae. It is primarily a stillwater pattern that is especially effective when the naturals are staging. The pattern sinks quickly to depth where its white bead head, thought … Continue reading


San Juan Vertical Chest pack


Fishpond’s new San Juan Vertical Chest Pack is for the angler who travels light. With room for leader material, basic tools, leader & fly treatments, and the rest, this is an effective design. At the front an outer pocket holds … Continue reading

Trout in dirty places

Trout in Dirty Places


Scanning the fishing section of a good bookshop, usually you’ll turn up at least a few venue guides. All too often these are dry, bizarrely uninformative iterations. To be frank, the last time I bought one was an act of … Continue reading


Muddler Minnow


Uses: This is a long established pattern with a history preceding the famous Woolly Bugger. Designed by Don Gapen, as a sculpin imitation for trout, the Muddler works for any species that respond to streamer patterns, especially in circumstances where fish … Continue reading


Redington CPX Zip-front Wader


Redington bring a new and contemporary styled zip-front breathable wader to a competitive market. Taking a serious shot at the mid market, will they hit the spot? Site editor, Raif Killips, has tried and tested Redington’s new offering and reports his findings in this review. Continue reading


Samsung Solid Immerse


Sensibly priced rugged phone from Samsung. Ever had your phone killed by fish slime, river water, sand and grit? If so, you might wanna buy yourself a more rugged cell phone that’ll take the rigours of a hard day’s fishing. For a simple low tech look at the Samsung’s GT-B2710 Continue reading

sonic pro wader

CPX to Sonic Pro Zip-front


Well, it’s two seasons since I first pulled on the CPXs and I’m reporting back like I said I would. Of course, you may be wondering why I’m posting an update when these waders are discontinued, replaced by the Sonic-Pros. … Continue reading