About Jonathan Boulton

Jonathan has a double Major in Zoology and Geography and has been involved in eco-tourism and conservation management in South Africa and Botswana for many years. After working as the Estate Manager at Walkersons Country Manor and Millstream in Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, he started his own Flyfishing Consultancy.


Tigers in Africa


One of Africa’s largest rivers, the Zambezi snakes from the highlands of Zambia through Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe before reaching the Indian Ocean through the braided Mozambique Channel. More than 3,500km in length, the river is a lifeline for wildlife and … Continue reading


Nile Perch Lake Nasser


Nile Perch have always held a deep rooted fascination for me, these prehistoric looking fish have been around for eons, portrayed in Egyptian hieroglyphics along with crocodiles and falcons, all highly respected figures in ancient Egyptian life. These well distributed … Continue reading


Jozini Dam


Situated in the North Eastern corner of KwaZulu Natal is the Pongolapoort dam, also know as the Jozini Dam. The surrounding shores with their abundant game and bird species and the lake itself providing excellent tiger fishing, the feel is … Continue reading